Are you a respected Captive Forum attendee gambling with your hard-earned practice with cards’ risque planning?

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If you’re still using antiquated house of cards planning or other strategies du-jour, then this is the right place for you…

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  • Learn the #1 Captive Insurance alternative planning that fits the same Captive client profile and provides greater annual revenue streams while creating more free time with your family;

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  • Learn little-known techniques to prevent IRS from gaining access to your Client List and decimate your firm’s source of revenues;

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The #1 Method for stopping the IRS Investigation in their tracks, regain sleepless nights and your practice confidence. As told by real life case. It’s happening right now, whether you know it or not. Your client list is at risk of being harvested and accessed by the Government (aka the IRS).

According to records received from Palm Beach County Tax Collector, as of February 3, 2023, your Property Taxes are delinquent for Property Control No. 50-43-42-34-01-000-0013. Accordingly, PALM BEACH COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR PLACED A TAX LIEN against your property. The amount listed as Amount “Due” (not necessarily the amount owed) for the 2020 Tax Year is $139,049.32 and for the 2021 Tax Year is $157,487.09. NOTE: 2022 unpaid property taxes become Delinquent April 1, 2023. The outstanding amounts due may be adjusted based upon Pending unposted payments, Pending Applications for Tax Deeds or Certificate Purchases, Pending Certificates of Correction, Pending Final Court Decisions and Properties that may soon be scheduled for public auction. To avoid further consequences of Florida Statute 197 you must make payment with certified funds to:

Tax Collector, Palm Beach County
301 N. Olive Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

The intention of this letter is not to scare homeowners, but to help clear up possible delinquencies and offer a solution. PBC Rescue and Mortgage300 are not affiliated with the Palm Beach County Tax Collector. PBC Rescue is affiliated with a Palm Beach County Lender that may be able to help you pay your taxes, give you cash, and consolidate credit card debt using the equity in your home. It does not matter if you have poor credit, have outstanding credit card debt, receive social security, a pension, are self-employed, or filed for bankruptcy in the past.

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